SDL_net 1.2

   Sam Lantinga, Roy Wood and Masahiro Minami

Documentation: and on this site.


Mercurial Repository:

   Windows (64-bit Windows)
   MacOS X
      SDL_net-1.2.8.dmg (Intel 10.5+)

   The latest stable release of SDL 1.2, and GUIlib for the example program

Runs on:
   All platforms supported by SDL

   This is a small sample cross-platform networking library, with a sample chat client and server application. The chat client uses the GUIlib GUI framework library.

   Unpack and build. Run "chatd" to start the server, and clients can chat with each other by running "chat host", where host is the hostname of the system running the server.


 * SDL_net is now under the zlib license
 * SDL_net framework on OSX is built for Intel 10.5 and newer,
   PowerPC binaries can be built by modifying the Xcode project
 * Added the definition for INADDR_LOOPBACK
 * Added an Xcode project for iOS
 * SDL_net is now under the zlib license
 * Added SDLNet_UDP_SetPacketLoss() to simulate random packet loss
 * Added SDLNet_GetLocalAddresses() to query local interfaces
 * Removed obsolete OpenTransport code
 * Added to build on the Android platform
 * Fixed to compile cleanly with g++
 * Fixed the code to use socklen_t where appropriate
 * Added pkg-config support
 * Fixed C++ compilation with -Wold-style-cast
 * Enable multicast receiving on on Windows (already worked on UNIX)

Thanks to these people and many others for their help on this release:
 C.W. Betts, Evan Nemerson, Matthew Mondor, esigra